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April 14th, 2008

12:20 am - Community Healing Arts & the Circle of Life
I am working to open a family healing arts center in my community to provide a spectrum of care for infants to adults, including midwifery, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, parent groups, childbirth ed, and workshops. My passion is craniosacral, doula care, teaching, and community organizing.

This will happen within the next year, and I am currently gathering resources, developing my business plan, and working with local community small business resources to create a solid plan and support system. I also have practitioners interested and a space lined up for 2009.

I am also a hoopdancer and teacher, and I am in a contest to win $10,000 for my hoopdance video: Gemini Hoops. http://www.clipstar.com/videopage.jsf?video=9_7002_159

Will you please vote for my video and help to fund the creation of my healing arts center? I am currently in 2nd place, and if I win this contest, it will go toward to creation of my family healing arts center and community healing project.

Thank you! I greatly appreciate your support! Your vote counts, please show your support!


Gratitude & Blessings, Kara

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April 10th, 2008

10:27 pm - commercial space for rent
781-783 Broad St.
Central Falls, R.I. 02863

- Front space with display window available for renting.
Space is approx. 500 sq. ft.
This space has formally been rented as a barber shop and retail store.
This space is $580 per month.  No utilities are included.

- Back space with no display window available for renting.
Space is approx. 500 sq. ft.
This space has formally been rented out as a salon and and retail store.
This space is perfect for any type of office, as well as, other types of businesses.
This space is $560 per month.  No utilities are included.

If you are interested in either of these spaces, please respond to this entry, or call Tina at 401-368-1638

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10:50 am - I work from home in my slippers lol...

So I couldn't decide which home based business to try. I was more than skeptical and it all sounded too good to be true and too scary to try.

Most of those work from home companies cost and arm and a leg to get started. And even then you don't get a whole lot. Or they make you buy a website and you pay yearly or monthly for something that very few people will ever look at. Im still trying to figure out why it costs so much money to make such a small amount. What if it was only $14.50 to sign up? What are you really losing then?? Certainly not your life savings or childrens college funds. Your trying to supplement income right? Not waste money that you don't have??

Besides making money, my business helps create a safer environment for my children, help us lead longer and healthier lives, and contributes to environmental sustainability. I want to share this with everyone but I know people are afraid to step out into the unknown. If I didn't take that chance, my life would not be as fullfilling as it is today. Im so grateful for my team of mommies who help me to be successful. 

Current Location: My living room lol
Current Mood: contentcontent

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April 9th, 2008

03:15 pm - Stickers for your kids, and more
I've been on a creative streak lately. I made a bunch of stickers on Zazzle that I thought I would share. Some of them are just for fun, while others can be used as rewards. My little guy is potty training, and stickers have been great motivation for him!

There are loads of other products in the shop, including t-shirts, in many designs other than just parenting ones. But I figured that Mommy Business would be more interested in the mommy-specific designs, first!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

If you're the creative type, you can design and sell your own products, too. Leave a comment if you join up so I can check out your store, too.

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January 24th, 2008

09:58 am - Domains for Sale!
Our business does website design & hosting, but now we also sell & renew domains! We are resellers for GoDaddy- so for those of you that love using GoDaddy for all your domain needs, we have all the same things that GoDaddy offers, but cheaper!

We currently have some specials running:

.com $7.49/yr ($9.99 currently at GoDaddy)
.tv $19.99/yr (normally $39.99 and up)

domain transfers: $6.95 includes free 1-year extension plus all the time remaining on your current registration

So for those of you that currently have a domain or are thinking of getting one, hopefully this helps you save a little money in the process!

For more info: http://shop.priamosdomainhosting.com

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December 19th, 2007

01:57 pm - Excerpt: Why Isn't Mom a Millionaire?
Women are launching businesses at twice the pace of their male counterparts, making female-owned businesses the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy. Yet only a paltry 3 percent of these businesses have annual sales of over a million dollars. Why?

I have permission from AMACOM, the publishing arm of the American Management Association, to distribute an excerpt from the new book, "The Girls' Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business," by Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO of Small Business Television (SBTV.com). Disturbed by the relative weakness of women-owned businesses, Solovic set out to uncover the strategic secrets and distinctive qualities of women entrepreneurs who have taken their businesses to the million-dollar level.

In her new book, Solovic looks at the barriers to business growth for women and finds many of them self-imposed, including the inability to delegate, hiring family and friends, and a lack of faith in the enterprise. Solovic shares proven tactics and inspiring triumphs for every woman who wants to grow her business into a million-dollar performer.

The excerpt I'm distributing is called "Four Keys to the Millionaire's Club" and briefly covers the factors in business success Solovic focuses on in her book. The excerpt is available at the following URL or I can send a text version to you upon request:


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December 13th, 2007

11:30 pm - make some moola!!!
i found this great site! and it is not boring and it is FREE!!!! i think it is a whole lot of fun! it is called moola it is a site that you play games on and win money it cost nothing ever!! they give you your first penny (and if you loose that they keep giving it to you) and you play games and wager the money you earned to win more every time you win you double what you wager! it is awesome!!! the levels go over 10 million dollars... but there are realistic people on there making nice money! please come check it out!! invites are limited!

http://www.moola.com:80/moopubs/b2b/exc/join.jsp?sid=4d6a55744e4455324d413d3d-2 please if for some reason this link does not work when you copy and paste it let me know! thanks so much mommies!

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December 5th, 2007

09:12 am - The Importance of a Small Business Credit Card
Small business plays a vital role in today's economy. It is now easier than ever to establish a new business. According to the US Small Business Administration, small businesses pay over 45% of the US private payroll. Small businesses also employ over half of all private sector employees and provide 60-80 percent of new jobs over the past 10 years. With about 28.5 million small businesses in the US alone in 2005, virtually all financial institutions now offer small business loans to qualifiers for a percentage. So why apply for a small business credit card?

Keep Track of All Your Small Business Expenses

The first and most obvious reason for a small business credit card is to separate personal finances from business related purchases. With your small business credit card, you can make all your transactions by phone, internet or in person. Then get periodic statements detailing all of your business expenses.

Business credit cards are accepted virtually everywhere that you shop. Covering business purchases with employee's personal money can get very messy. So instead of relying on cash, use a business credit card. Most credit card issuers offer a credit limit for employee cards as well as different methods to monitor how the card is used.

You no longer have to dread the year-end nightmare of trying to track where and when you spent your money. It's like having all your book-keeping done automatically for you! In a digital world, why should your business have to collect every last printed receipt?

Establish Your Small Business

A credit card with your business name on it gives your business credibility. A business credit card looks a lot more professional than paying from your own wallet. It also gains the respect of financial institutions. Just by owning a business credit card, your business can build credit. So when you need that business loan, you will get the best interest rate and qualify for higher amounts. As your credit builds you might also qualify for a lower interest business credit card.

So even if your business doesn't have a 6 figure budget, a business credit card could help your business grow. You never know when your business might suddenly need extra money. Office equipment might need immediate replacement. Without a business credit card, financing could drastically interfere with your daily routine.

Earn Rewards with a Business Credit Card

You can also save money and earn rewards. Certain business credit cards give you cash back on all your purchases. Other cards give you varying cash back percentages depending on where you shop: gas stations, grocery stores, office supply stores, etc. A cash back business credit card is a great way to increase your profit margin.

Other cards give you airline travel rewards just for using your credit card. . For instance, if your company has frequent business plane trips, then small business credit cards that offer travel miles, hotel accommodations or travel insurance are most suitable. This type of credit card could give you travel discounts, free flights, free companion travel or upgraded flight seating.

Not only does a small business credit card provide convenience and rewards, it also helps to build business credit for the future of your company as you watch it grow! Research the business credit cards available and find the card that best suits your business needs. Finance your business for today and tomorrow.

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November 19th, 2007

10:03 pm - Promoting Momtrepreneurs!
Hello ladies, My name is Anna and I run a baby and mom products review website (The Wise Mommy).  I am always looking to promote products made by "momtrepreneurs".  I am now accepting sample items for review on my website, with a link back to your store site.  Anyone that gets reviewed will be added to our "mommy crafters" directory, which is currently in the works.  Our forums are also a great place to advertise your business or products.  Also, if you offer any special online coupon codes, I advertise those to my readers as well.  We are starting to get a nice reader base, and would love to start including Handmade mom products for review.  Please let me if you would be interested and I will send you an email with further details!

Anna, Author of The Wise Mommy

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November 18th, 2007

10:46 pm - Happy Thanksgiving!!! Take 20% off now thru Dec. 1st!
I'm clearing out the last of my old stock at The Mushroom Tree! Many of these items will not be relisted, so come get them before they're gone! I've got newborn and small fitted diapers, doublers, mama pads, wipes, and pouch slings, all with stress-free pricetags! Come check 'em out at my Etsy store!

Now through December 1st, take 20% off your whole order! When you go to checkout, add your Paypal address in the comment box, but do not complete payment when it takes you to your account. I will send you a revised invoice with 20% marked off your total!

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